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Dear Munchkinland Family,
We are so thankful for the safe haven you provided to our little one. It was a great experience for my little Isaac. He will miss his friends and the staff that took such great care of him. Thank you again.
Love, Isaac and Erika
Let me take a minute to say, this school is amazing. It's not a daycare center, it's a learning center for children. My son loves going there everyday! He loves his teachers and raves about how much fun he has. My son started attending this learning center 8 plus months ago and I feel so at ease knowing he's in good hands. The staff is so friendly and welcoming, his teachers are so kind, friendly, educated and attentive to my son. Not only my son but every child there. It makes me more comfortable working everyday knowing my child is well cared for. I can't thank my son's teachers and the staff enough for making the experience for my child as well as myself a very good one. I have about 8 1/2 years working in the childcare industry. I've worked in numerous daycare centers as well and I must say Munchkinland is an amazing place with an amazing staff that actually cares about the children who attend there. From my family we thank you, for caring after our son.
The Amendola Family
"We have had our daughter at Munchkinland since she was 3 months old. in conversations with other parents. we think we are so lucky to have a very accommodating child care center that responds to family needs providing high quality care. As Christina grew from a Teddy Bear, o Bumble Bee, to Panda Bear and now a Dinosaur, it became obvious that the Munchkinland staff was more like an extended family caring for your child than a daycare. Besides the warm feeling and excellent care, our daughter, having just completed a wonderful pre-school graduation ceremony, is now well-prepared for Kindergarten!"
Bob & Adrienne McNally
From day one the staff at Munchkinland has gone above and beyond to help me and my children. I walked in there when I was first looking for daycares, nervous about the prospect of leaving my kids with someone other than family for the first time ever. The first day I met with Melissa i knew that was as close to family as my kids would get. Throughout my experience at Munchkinland they have always treated me and my children as if we were family. Melissa has always been amazing with keeping me up to date and alerting me immediately if anything was going on. Nicole has been the most amazing influence on my older son. She treats him as if he is her own. We started out with separation anxiety, and she worked with both me and him to ensure he felt safe and secure in his new environment. Recently my son has been having academic/behavior issues, and Nicole has been there every step of the way with me. She helps to find different strategies we can try, keeps me up to date daily, and is always going out of her way to try new things and work with not only my son, but anyone who is having issues. I couldn't have imagined a better teacher for my son during this time. My younger son has been in the class with Ms. Donna, who is like his second mother. She is such a nurturing woman who treats him as her own. I never expected to feel comfortable leaving my baby with anyone, but she has put me at complete ease and proved over and over again that he is in very good hands. There is no one I would not recommend Munchkinland to. They have an amazing, caring staff who honestly care about the kids. They go out of their way to plan wonderful celebrations and activities for the kids, and have created an amazing family feel.
Kelly Dean- Mother of Jayden and Davon Bradley
Munchkinland has been such a blessing to my family. Having no extended family on Long Island it was hard not having that support system when I had to return to work. Munchkinland filled that void with it's incredible family atmosphere which put us at ease right away. My daughter started when she was 9 months old and I have watched her blossom at this daycare. The experience, dedication and attentiveness of the teachers is apparent and consistent everyday. My daughter is excited to go to Munchkinland each morning and never seems to want to leave in the afternoons. As a Mom it is comforting to know that my daughter is in fantastic hands and having a blast when I am at work.
The Woo family
My son has been going to Munchkinland ever since he started daycare. For me, it was a very nervous experience starting him in daycare as I work in the city and am unable to get to him quickly in case of an emergency. From the very beginning, Munchkinland made me and my son feel so comfortable and most importantly, I knew my son was in a very safe place. All of the staff welcomed us with open arms. My son didn't even cry on his first day!! They have and continue to help him develop all of his learning and developmental skills. He comes home everyday with something new to share. I would definitely recommend Munchkinland for anyone looking for a great, safe daycare setting. For me, Munchkinland is not just his daycare center, it's his second home.
Erika McSwain-Mother of Elijah Summers  
Pulled my child out of a local franchise day care. As a parent I felt he was lost in the crowd. Teachers kept changing. Very confusing to my son. Hated going to school. An hour after I dropped him off, I would call and they told me he's fine. Another parent , who's my friend, dropped off her little girl, an hour after I dropped off, and called me and said your baby was hysterical. I immediately left work and arrived 40 minutes later and to my disbelief he was still crying!!! Just roaming around the room. As I write this, I am angry and hurt.  Did not appreciate being lied too and seeing your baby not being comforted all this time! Pulled him out immediately!!!!. A neighbor told me about Munchkinland. I went there and felt something positive. To be honest  I did not feel this with the other place. Told my friend and her little girl also attends Munchkinland. I cannot thank the teachers and Mrs.Melissa and Mrs.Chrystal enough for giving me and my son comfort in knowing that we are a loved and valued part of Munchkinland. Best possible care. My little man is so happy! Sometimes he cries but now it's because he doesn't want to go home! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love you guys! 
 Gianna Blackwell
I enrolled my son at Munchkinland day care center when he was 4 months old. The teachers in the baby room have been there for many years. I interviewed approximately 5 other child care programs. The process of elimination began with the first phone call. Not only was the  phone call to Munchkinland pleasant and inviting, but once I entered the building I noticed all of the teachers greeting each child in the hallway by name, with attention given to each child. The  Director, Mrs. Melissa,  answered all of my many questions and once we did drop him off the first day, she was there, with tissues in hand, assuring us that our baby would be OK and that we could call her anytime to see how he was doing. And, she meant it. Anytime I called, she would check in on him and let me know how he was doing, and what he was doing – that extra bit of information gave it that special touch. She took that extra step. The attention and experience given to each child as an individual is priceless. To watch each child greeted as they come in their classroom, regardless how many children the teacher has hanging on his or her legs and arms, is the perfect way to start the morning!
The Lombardi Family
There is nothing more beautiful than the sound of my daughter singing in the car on the ride home when I pick her up. I can't thank or rave about the staff at Munchkinland enough!
Robert Feldman

Our whole experience at Munchkinland has been very positive. The first call and the first visit, Ms. Melissa was very informative and welcomed all of our questions. The entire staff at Munchkinland is so positive and treats everyone with great respect. You are greeted with a smile in the morning and greeted with a smile when you return. What a great place for children!
Beth Green

As parents, we all worry about our children. It seems like just yesterday when we came to Munchkinland with Sophia and had such a hard time leaving her in the care of others. We quickly found out that the individuals caring for her throughout the day are a rare group of people.To describe the environment at Munchkinland I use the words: family, friendly, academic, structured, dedicated, safe and clean.  The curriculum was focused on learning while having fun from the two-year-old program up through Pre-Kindergarten. Munchkinland has provided Sophia and later on, her brother Evan with a solid core fundamental academic foundation. The repetition of the daily routine built confidence and promoted leadership in both of our children. The thing we feel is most significant is the dedicated staff. The early childhood teachers and staff are always positive and looking for ways to continually improve and educate the children. Our children have been fortunate enough to have spent the last 10 years at Munchkinland . We feel that Munchkinland has given them the opportunity to experience that learning is fun at an early age. This is important as a baseline for their success as they continue their academic careers. Sophia is now in Junior High School. Oops, I almost  forgot to mention the school age program. Wonderful! This is her final year. We thank everyone again at Munchkinland for the memories and taking care of our children.

Stephen Zambrano and Family

Words cannot express the thanks that my family has for each and every Munchkinland early childhood teacher and Directors and owners that has been a part of our family since 2006. We enrolled at Munchkinland in 2006 when Jordan was six weeks old. Since then he has grown and matured into an amazing, intelligent young boy. When he started kindergarten, his teacher told us that he was better prepared for school than any child she has taught for several years. That comment made by a teacher who has over 15 years of experience describes the job you do on a daily basis. He is now in 2nd grade and being tested for the gifted program.  Only 18 months later, along came Kaitlyn, need we say more; a very independent, stubborn, little lady that had a direction of her own. Together we (mom, dad, and Munchkinland staff) loved, laughed, and cried. We worked together for consistency in all areas of her development. She is now a very productive 1st grader that has learned her boundaries and is successful both academically and socially. Together our success has paid off.  Just when we thought our years at Munchkinland were coming to an end, we were unexpectedly, blessed with our twins, Jack and Christina.  When Jack was enrolled he was a little hesitant and didn't really know what to think. He spent his first week, in the nursery and office with Mrs. Chrystal and Mrs. Melissa crying. He quickly learned that Munchkinland was going to be a daily part of his life and with your help has adjusted as any typical little boy would. At age 2 he knew his ABC's and now at three years old, he can recognize his name and most of the letters in it. He has also become quite a social little guy.  Christina is a success story all by herself. When she started Munchkinland, she was also very hesitant and needed a lot of extra TLC. She spent the first week, and then some, crying. Her lack of trust and security was very apparent, and quite an obstacle to overcome. Again, we worked together and built that trust and security she needed to progress. She has transformed from a tearful, scared, reserved, and withdrawn toddler to a very intelligent, outgoing, and verbal little girl.  She can recognize many letters and colors and can count to 10 in Spanish and English.  As a parent, I would like to take full credit for everything I have described above and all of the success and progress each of my children have overcome. The credit of their success truly belongs to those of you who have taught and mentored each one of them on a daily basis both academically and socially. You have gone above and beyond just "doing a job." You have loved, nurtured, and made lasting positive impressions on their lives. You have given each of them a strong, stable foundation to build upon for future success.

Maryann Piil and the entire Piil Family

As a parent, I entrust my greatest blessing to the staff at Munchkinland every day, and I am grateful for the loving care and guidance he receives. The teachers and directors, Mrs. Melissa and Mrs. Chrystal, look at each child as an individual, with their own strengths and needs. My son has been blessed with awesome teachers who understand his challenges, and handle him with grace. My child has learned so much and continues to share with me the great activities that go on each day at "school!" Thank you!
 Katherine Gaffney
To the staff at Munchkinland,
We just want to take this time to thank everyone for the care you all have given CJ over the past 2 years. It is always difficult to leave your child in the care of someone else but it did not take long for any fears we had to fade away. CJ, as well as we, will miss all of you, but you have left a lasting impression. We have watched our son grow into the special little boy he is today and we know that all of you had a helping hand in that. We truly appreciate everything you have done for our son and us. We promise to visit and we will always be grateful for you being our son's first caretakers!
The Lastorino Family
For the last five years, Munchkinland Child Care has been part of our family. As a teacher going back to work and having to leave my son at a day care was the most difficult decision we had to make. My mind was at ease when my oldest son became the first member of the Munchkinland family. Now I have my three year old son and my infant son (5 months) that have followed their older brother's footsteps and are now part of the Munchkinland family. My sons have always been treated very well and taken care of like one of their own. The staff at Munchkinland are family oriented and very caring who will take the time to get to know your child to maximize their loving care for every individual child. I believe that the care that is shown to the kids are highly appropriate and educational.
We continue to highly recommend Munchkinland Child Care to other families. Thank you Munchkinland!
The Pakakis Family 

Dear Munchkinland Family,
Thank you for the wonderful service that you have provided for us. We feel as though you have been a true extension of our family and appreciate the love and kindness you have all given. Please know that Vincent will ALWAYS be a Munchkinland kid.

The Parrella Family
My daughter has been attending Munchkinland for the past 3 years. It can be very easily said that she has done her developmental growing there. I can't say that I am more thankful, and more pleased with this. My daughter has absolutely THRIVED at Munchkinland! Between the amount of indoor activities, to the outdoor play, to the integral associations that she has made with her friends, which was of vital importance to me being that she is an only child... I rave about Munchkinland at every opportunity I am given. Give the establishment a moment of your time, and I can promise that you'll NOT be displeased one bit!
Lisa Kalogridis

We enrolled our oldest son in Munchkinland two and half years ago, and was one of the best decisions we ever made. He and his new baby brother have always received individualized attention in a very clean and friendly environment. Our oldest son switched rooms a year ago and still loves to play with his teachers when he goes to visit his younger brother. The staff is genuinely interested in the kids development and health. We recommend Munchkinland without reservations.
The Nardulli Family

I am writing to let you know how very pleased I am with Munchkinland and it's entire staff. The owner Debbie is absolutely wonderful, as is all the personnel she has chosen to work with her in her place. You can tell that Debbie truly wanted to create a place that was both nurturing and educational for all of the children that would attend. The concern with every detail shows in everything that is done each day with my son. The patience, the love, and the concern for his well being is always foremost in the schools concern. We feel like a part of a very special family. Debbie has created the perfect mixture of love, discipline, and education that I think she should be very proud of and she should be congratulated for a job very well done. I have recommended the school to other families with high praise and confidence and will continue to do so. Thank you for the love you have shown my son.
 The McDonald Family

Wonderful Place for children to learn
My preschooler has been attending Munchkinland for the past year. She loves going to school, loves her friends and teachers. The class is very structured and is preparing her for Kindergarten. The staff is very nurturing. My 17 month old has been attending since he was an infant. The staff has worked patiently with his separation issues. He also loves his teachers, friends, and the administrative staff. I love the annual class pictures and the precious little projects that he brings home for his baby book. I am constantly amazed and surprised by how much he learns while he is in school!
Judie Allen

Munchkinland has been so wonderful helping my son adjust to daycare. The personal attention and care he receives and the communication between his teachers and I is wonderful. I know my son is in great hands when I drop him off in the morning and when I pick him up he welcomes me with a smile, a hug, and creative artwork that I love to display. Thanks Munchkinland!
 Lynne Waldman-Mother of Caleb Sullivan  
They always say it takes a village to raise a child…thanks for creating a simply wonderful environment for Eric to be nurtured in. I could not have felt more comfortable with him in all of your care! The warm smiles and end endearment go a long way!
Love Always, The Burst Family

In search for the ‘perfect’ preschool for our twins we visited many schools in the area. As we entered Munchkinland we immediately felt this to be the right place for our kids. At 3 years of age they did not speak a single word English as we only speak Spanish in our home. The Munchkinland staff embraced our two little ones with patience, love and experience. The staff familiarized and taught them English while preparing them for Kindergarten and the next stage in life. More importantly our kids loved to go to school every day and when they started Kindergarten two years later, their English was perfect, despite the fact that we still only speak Spanish at home today. Munchkinland gave them the head start they needed. They are able to keep up at elementary school just fine, and I owe it all to Munchkinland. Our compliments go out to the staff who are engaged and understand the needs of preschool children."
The Guittierez Family
I currently have two sons attending Munchkinland. I am constantly impressed with the things they come home learning everyday…The teachers are wonderful and the curriculum is great. They take care of my kids as if they were their own. They have become my children’s family away from home.
The Jiminez Family
Thank you so much for providing Shane with a nurturing, loving environment. We will miss all the staff at Munchkinland as we begin our new journey.

Shane & Jill

It has been almost a year since Isabelle has been part of the Munchkinland family. Barely 8 weeks old, Isabelle joined in to the Teddy Bear Room, infant room, and now progressed to Bumble bees, toddler room. It has been a wonderful journey, not only to Isabelle but also ours, as her parents. Isabelle looks forward for school and each time she walks into her classroom her face lights with excitement and joy. Each teacher is very unique and their dedication and loving nature allows Isabelle to learn and show respect to them respectively. Both my husband and I are very happy to see Isabelle developing well; cognitively, physically and socially. We would like to share our love and appreciation to all the teachers and management who has made her journey thus far in life a fun and beautiful one. Thank you and God Bless!
Isabelle, Philippe and Julia

My husband and I decided to send our daughter to Munchkinland after interviewing at and researching several child care facilities in the area. I am a teacher myself and I was looking for a center which not only had nice facilities and a well-balanced curriculum, but was also flexible enough to meet children’s individual needs. Throughout the day, Munchkinland engages students with a variety of whole group activities, as well as small group learning centers. Children have ample time and space for free play and physical activity too. Our daughter is 4 yrs old and has been going to Munchkinland for 2 years now and we couldn’t be more pleased with our choice. She loves her friends and teachers and learns so much more than even we expected. Our daughter’s birthday was during a vacation last year and she was off from "school” at the time. Her teacher called her at home to say Happy Birthday. It meant so much to her that her teacher remembered. We’re glad we were able to find such a caring environment for her and we’re grateful for the love as we as instruction she receives at Munchkinland.
Jackie & German Soraire
Thank you for taking care and helping us to educate Amanda for the past 3 years. Under your care, she is growing up to be a lovely American girl from a little baby. She learned lots of American culture from you, which some of them she couldn’t learn from us. Once again, thank you for all you have done for us.
Yanke (Brian) Huang and Ye (Shania) Lu

Sending our three children to Munchkinland was one of the best decisions we've made! They have all learned so much and Munchkinland prepared our daughter for kindergarten in excess of our expectations. The staff and director are amazing people with huge hearts! We love Munchkinland!
 The Molstrom Family
Our family was thrilled with our experience at Munchkinland. Our sons, both in elementary school now, were well prepared for kindergarten and are thriving both academically and socially. However, it is the wonderful teachers and nurturing environment that we will remember most.Munchkinland is a warm and loving place for any child to start out their educational journey on the right foot!
 The Dwyer Family
I just wanted to express my appreciation for all that you have done for my daughter. I thought it would be difficult to trust a complete group of strangers with my new baby (especially working in the business myself) but you gained my trust. Every morning we were greeted with a smile and every night we departed with the same. Your room was clean and all your babies were well cared for. You celebrated and shared many of Emily’s 1st milestones with me. Thank you for everything you did for us.
Heather Hirsch
Dear Munchkinland Family,
Thank you so much for creating such a fun, nurturing, and caring environment for Jake and Ella to
grow in. You’ve all been so wonderful to our children and have provided them with a safe and loving home while they were with you. We are infinitely grateful to have had you in our lives.
Warmest wishes, Rachel and Dave Culhane

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