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Dear Families,
Thank you for your interest in Munchkinland Child Care. Munchkinland is a family owned business serving families since 1985. Munchkinland is an educational child care center. We provide care for ages six weeks through twelve years.
Munchkinland Child Care's mission is to provide each child a secure loving environment where he/she is able to develop a positive self-image and to provide high quality, developmentally appropriate programs for children. To our families, we offer peace of mind through loving care and communication.
Munchkinland Child Care offers a stimulating and caring environment designed to promote social, emotional, cognitive and physical development. Our program is developmental by nature and is based on the theory that it is what we do with children before we present the "basics" of formal education that will create success or failure for them as they learn. By providing a variety of learning experiences in an enriched stimulating environment, we encourage a positive self-image and bring joy to the learning process. Our classrooms are filled with child-initiated, child-directed learning experiences which offer children the opportunity to learn and grow in skills necessary to becoming autonomous, productive individuals.
We strive to provide the highest quality program possible for young children and their families. The giving of careful attention to details by every member of our staff means that your child’s well being is exceptionally looked after. We form a partnership with families. We want them to know as much about what happens at Munchkinland as they do when their children are in their own care.
We communicate details about daily activities, developmental progress, sleeping and eating patterns, diaper changes and toilet training. We plan for individual differences, special ability and cultural diversity. We welcome family involvement, and set aside special days for everyone in the family to come and visit. We do a lot of things right at Munchkinland, the most important of which is our superb care for children.
As a family owned business we care about the little things that mean so much to you. You will find that our commitment to quality will show in everything that we do. We welcome you to our program and hope that as members of the Munchkinland Child Care family, you will enjoy your experience with us, and remember it fondly for many, many years.
 Sincerely yours,
 Mrs. Debbie , Mrs. Melissa and Mrs. Chrystal

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